UDDI – Ragga Day

Dragos  Udila, former  X  Factor  contestant  releases  his  first  single,  Ragga  Day,  produced  by  Randi


Dragos Udila, former X Factor contestant enters the music market as UDDI, with “Ragga Day”, produced by Famous Production.


Born and raised in Iasi, UDDI always felt that music is an important part of his life.


His first musical experience was X Factor, which represented a challenge and an important step in his musical career. There he took his first singing lessons, learned from the business professionals and made new friends.


UDDI’s participation at X Factor, his exuberant energy and the original way in which he marks every performance, brought him to Randi’s attention and this is how Dragos started his collaboration with Famous Production.


UDDI’s debut single, “Ragga Day”, is produced by Randi, in perfect harmony with Dragos’ musical style. It’s a piece of fresh, reggae-influenced musical composition, with lyrics that evoke the lust for life, human relationships, poverty, and other social problems. The song has a relaxed tone, (self-) ironic sometimes with a generally slow tempo, but with exciting and fun outbreaks.


<<UDDI’s style is one that surely entertains you. Dragos is talented, original, inventive and dedicated to music. “Ragga Day” perfectly fits his style and is the kind of song that makes you smile.>>, motivates Randi his choice.