UDDI feat. What’s Up – Scumpa Domnisoara

UDDI   and   What’s   Up,   bewitched   by   a   “Cute Lady” (Scumpa domnisoara)


What happens when bad boy meets a “Cute Lady”, torn from the stories? Sparks start to fly! 


UDDI and What’s Up tell us how their hearts got conquered by a “Cute Lady”. And no, it’s not the same lady, both of them have their own story.


The two artists have joined forces in a featuring that describes the one who stole their peace. It is a story applying to each and everyone of us, when there was a person in our lives and for the first time felt the need to leave everything behind and run away together.


Composed by Randi and What’s Up , “Scumpa domnisoara” is a co-production between Famous Production and Cat Music Romania and it’s the second single of UDDI aka Dragos Udila, former X Factor contestant. The artist is characterized by naturalness and ease of interpreting compositions from a variety of musical genres . From Jazz to Rap to Soul and Reggae, UDDI adapts his style, while his flow and attitude brought him not only fans’ appreciation , but also that of some big names in the music industry .


Cover Scumpa domnisoara