Special Effects Videos

1.   Linkin   Park   &   Steve   Aoki   -   A Light That Never Comes:


- Linkin Park is one of the bands with the most nominations ever from MTV's Video Music Awards' history at Best Special/Visual Effects category (2008 – Bleed It Out, 2010 – Waiting for the End, 2011 – Burn It Down)


- “A Light That Never Comes” has had a double premiere: the first one, in August 2013, at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. Then, on the Internet, it has been officially released after the fans unlocked it by playing the accompanying free 3D Facebook game "LP Recharge."


- For the video production, the six guys from LINKIN PARK teamed up with Dell, using non-PC hardware, such as Dell Precision workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics processors. 


- “A Light That Never Comes” is LINKIN PARK's first single from band's second album of remixes - “RECHARGED”, a musical piece who took fans by surprise because of Mike Shinoda's declaration dating back in 2002, when he swore not to remix another album again after the enormous amount of work submitted for "Reanimation".


2.   Woodkid   -   Run   Boy   Run:  


- “Run Boy Run” is one of the highly appreciated videos in terms of visual effects that perfectly match the song's mood consisting of an original blend of genres like Baroque Pop, Neofolk and Experimental


- The single belongs to Woodkid's “The Golden Age” album, with him (Yoann Lemoine, on his real name) and Ambroise Willaume as composers


- Woodkid is the director of the video, as well


- “Run Boy Run” was released on May 21st 2012 and is the most popular single of the French artist and director


- The video was nominated for Best Short Form Music Video, at 2013th Grammys. 


3.  Skrillex   feat.   The   Doors   –   Breakn'   A   Sweat:


- Skrillex's “Breakn' A Sweat” has two videos


- The first one, directed by Tony Truand and released on January 15th 2012, contains live footage from “Re:GENERATION_music_project" documentary film, including interview segments and live performances from Skrillex himself and the surviving members of The Doors. Ellie Goulding is the model for the video


- The second video, a 3D one, has been released after 9 months and was directed by Radical Friend, in Los Angeles


- Even if the song is a featuring with the rockers from The Doors, "Breakn' A Sweat" has heavy influences of dubstep, electro house and progressive house


- The second version of the video received a nomination at Video Music Awards 2013, for Best Visual Effects.


4.  Flying   Lotus   –   Tiny   Tortures:


- Flying Lotus, on his real name Steven Ellison, is an American rapper from Los Angeles, musically active since 2006


- His latest album, titled "Until the Quiet Comes" was released in 2012


- "Tiny Tortures" is the fifth track from the CD, with Elijah Wood playing the main character of this outstanding video


- The video tells the story of a former baseball player who's lost an arm. While he's laying in bed, his arm starts to reconstruct from several tiny objects gathered in his room, all of a sudden


- "Tiny Tortures" was nominated at MTV's VMAs 2013 for Best Visual Effects. 


5.  Katy   Perry   feat.   Kanye   West   –   E.T:


- The featuring between Katy Perry and Kanye West for "E.T." made headlines at the time of its release, back in February 2011


- The video came out two months later, being premiered on MTV.com and awarded for Best Special Effects and Best Collaboration at VMA 2011


- In the video, Perry, as an alien, drifts through outer space while West floats in a travelling spacecraft


- Throughout the video, Perry wears heavy cosmetics and extravagant outfits, including blue and pink make-up, cat- and reptile-like eyes, and Medusa-esque braids, all receiving good feedback from fashion and music critics


- The music video was directed by Floria Sigismondi, known for her "dark, feminine" work for artists including Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Manson.

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