Girl Power Playlist

1.   Seal   -   It's   a   man's   man's   man's   world   -   Seal:


- released in 1966, the song has been composed and initially performed by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome


- the song's title is a pun on 1963 comedy film - “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”


- Seal recorded this song for his album - “Soul”, released in 2008


- it represeants Seal's second single from this album


- its video reveals Seal performing in a recording studio, surrounded by orchestra members


2.   Pussycat   Dolls   -   I   don't   need   a   man:  


- “I don't need a man” it's Pussycat Dolls' sixth single


- the song is included on girl's debut album - “PCD”, released in 2005


- its composition is signed by Nicole Scherzinger, Rich Harrison, Kara DioGuardi and Vanessa Brown and produced by Harrison and Ron Fair


- Chris Applebaum is the video director who created the story of these six pussycats preparing to go out for fun with their friends


- Cosmopolitan ranked the song #2 in magazine's "Best Breakup Songs".


3.   Beyonce   -   Run   the   world:


- “Run The World” is Beyonce's 29th solo single and the first to be promoted from her “4” album


- The song heavily samples “Pon de Floor” by Major Lazer, following the same alternative hip-hop-dancehall genres mixed with B's R&B and pop styles


- For this video, Beyonce has worked with director Francis Lawrence, eight choreographers and 242 dancers


- Filming took place in the Mojave Desert and Inglewood, California


- Just like the song, the video transmits a clear message regarding the power and influence that women posses over the entire world.


4.   Alicia   Keys   –   Girl   on   Fire:


- "Girl on Fire" gives the title of Alicia Keys' fifth studio album


- It has been composed shortly after her marriage with rapper Swizz Beatz and the birth of their first child, Egypt


- "Girl on Fire" is an R&B and Hip-Hop ballad


- On this song's first remix called "Inferno", we can hear Nicki Minaj, too


- The video directed by Sophie Muller brings out Alicia as a hardworking and loving mother.


5.   Katy   Perry   –   I   Kissed   a   Girl:


- "I Kissed a Girl" it's on Katy Perry's second album – "One of the Boys" (2008)


- The song is an electrorock song with elements of new wave


- The single was ranked #2 in Billboard Hot 100


- The video brings viewers to a girls' party, with Kesha as a special guest


- Katy Perry affirms that her single talks about "the magical beauty of a women".