Black & White POP

1.   Michael   Jackson   &   Janet   -   Scream:


- “Scream” is the lead single from Michael Jackson's ninth studio album - “HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I”, also being one of the most memorable collaborations ever


- "Scream" is cited primarily as an aggressive, retaliatory song directed at the tabloid media and their coverage of the child sexual abuse accusations made against Michael Jackson in 1993 


- The video, directed by Mark Romanek, is listed in Guiness World Records as the most expensive video ever made, with a total budget estimated at $7 million.


- In 1995, “Scream” received 11 nominations at Video Music Awards, becoming the video with the highest number of nominations from VMAs' history, winning the trophies for “Best Dance Video”, “Best Choreography” and “Best Art Direction”


- 14 years later, parts of the video have been projected again, on a huge screen, for an MTV Video Music Awards Tribute brought by Janet in the loving memory of her brother.


2.   Lana   Del   Rey   -   Blue   Jeans:  


- “Blue Jeans” is Lana Del Rey's thrid single from her second studio album - “Born To Die”


- The song is a downtempo surf ballad with hip hop influences, written by Lana (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, on her real name), Emile Hayne and Dan Heath


- The “Blue Jeans” video presents the tragic love story between Lana and her same fictional boyfriend from "Born To Die" video, Bradley Soileau, husband of pop singer Porcelain Black, in real life


- It was shot on a poolside of a 1950s Hollywood home, providing the video with a retro mood


- The black & white video contains elements of film noir, accompanied by slo-mo brooding and smoking scenes, where her boyfriend embodies in a crocodile representing the danger, everything ending up with the drowning scene.


3.  Justin   Timberlake   feat.   Jay-Z   –   Suit   &   Tie:


- “Suit & Tie” is Justin Timberlake's comeback single following a six-year hiatus, during which time he pursued an acting career and developed his skills as a record producer and songwriter for other artists


- Taken from “The 20/20 Experience” album, “Suit & Tie” is an R&B featuring with rapper Jay-Z


- The video was shot on January 25th 2013 and released on Valentine's Day on Timberlake's VEVO channel


- David Fincher is the video director prized for “Suit & Tie” at 2013th VMAs throphy for “Best Direction”; David had previously worked with Timberlake on “The Social Network” movie (2010)


- The official video was preceded by a black & white lyric video as well, presenting the preparations for Timberlake's return to the musical landscape.


4.  Adele   –   Someone   Like   You:


-  Written by Adele and Dan Wilson (piano and voice), "Someone Like You" is the second single promoted from Adele's "21" album (2011)


- The pop and soul mix, played only by the piano, makes out of "Someone Like You" a perfect ballad for ended love stories, with time passing over them and life lasting memories kept in the soul


- The video directed by Jake Nava, premiered on September 29th 2011 on MTV and Adele's VEVO


- The video begins with a shot of a road in Paris and Adele is seen walking on it alone. She continues to walk and starts singing the song with a sad look as the camera makes circles and shots more locations in Paris including the Eiffel Tower and Pont Alexandre III 


- "Someone Like You" is among the best sold singles ever, certified with over 37 platinum discs. 


5. Cris   Cab   feat.   Pharrell   Williams   –   Liar   Liar:


- "Liar Liar" represents Cris Cab's first internationally charting single


- Besides his singing parts, Pharrell Williams took part in the writing process as well   


- With Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro as directors, the video presents the dangerous implications of relationships with some attractive women


- If Pharrell only makes cameo appearence in this video, Cris Cab is shown strumming his guitar, or singing or in a relationship with some mysterious women


- In the video's post-production process, a classy black & white and parallel mirrored images effects were used.