Bikini Videos

1. Benny   Benassi   -   Satisfaction:


- "Satisfaction" is a single by Italian DJ Benny Benassi from his 2002 album Hypnotica


- The song's vocals consist of two speech synthesizers, one male and one female, repeatedly saying "Push me and then just touch me 'til I can get my satisfaction"


- The music video was released in three versions. The first one was barely played. The second and most famous one features models Jerri Byrne, Thekla Roth, Natasha Mealey, Suzanne Stokes and Lena Frank in skimpy construction outfits. The video plays almost like a virtual advertisement for a variety of power tools, all used in a sexual manner


-  The third version of the clip is animated. It shows animations of people dancing, singing and drinking. Very few music stations played this version


- The track was Benassi's debut single and most successful song, peaking at number 2 in the United Kingdom.


2. LMFAO   -   Sexy   and   I   know   it:


- "Sexy and I Know It" is the third single released by American duo LMFAO from their second studio album, Sorry for Party Rocking


- The music video for "Sexy and I Know It" was filmed in Venice, California, and uploaded on LMFAO's YouTube channel on September 16, 2011


- The music video on YouTube was flagged for sexual content.


- The final shot of the video pays homage to the final shot of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video: it shows the Shuffle Botleaving with the girls while it turns its head towards the camera behind it and the image freezes.


- The song became LMFAO's second number one hit (after "Party Rock Anthem") on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, making them the first duo to have two successive number-one singles since OutKast's "Hey Ya!" (2003) and "The Way You Move" (2004).


3. 50   Cent   –   Just   A   Lil'  Bit:


- "Just a Lil Bit" is the third single from 50 Cent's second album, The Massacre, being produced by Scott Storch


- The song was eventually certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) 


- The music video is set in the Caribbean and follows a thin plot where 50 Cent, as "El Jefe" ("The Boss"), employs three beautiful women to set up his enemies, played by Emilio Rivera and Hassan Johnson among others


- 50 Cent leaves each enemy $50, but his got his best friends with him, the video also containing cameos by some G-Unit artists


- Released in 2005, the single reached number #3 in the United States, becoming 50 Cent's sixth solo top-ten single, and ninth overall.


4. Jay-Z   feat.   UGK   –   Big   Pimpin': 


- "Big Pimpin'" is the fifth and final single from rapper Jay-Z's fourth album Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter and It features rapping bySouthern hip hop group UGK as well as production by Timbaland


- Timbaland samples "Khosara Khosara", composed by Baligh Hamdi of Egypt in the mid-20th century and originally recorded by the famous Egyptian vocalist Abdel Halim Hafez


- It was directed  by famous Hype Williams


- The music video was shot in Trinidad during its Carnival and features Jay-Z and UGK on a music truck dispensing money into the crowd and partying on a lavish yacht


- The song was mashed up with Linkin Park's song "Papercut" on the collaborative EP Collision Course in 2004, resulting in "Big Pimpin'/Papercut. 


5. David   Guetta   feat.   Akon   –   Sexy   Chic:


- "Sexy Bitch", also known as "Sexy Chick" in clean versions, is a song by French DJ David Guetta recorded for his fourth studio album One Love (2009), the song features vocals from Senegalese-American recording artist Akon 


- The song was made in one night after the two main artists met at a concert, the lyrics of "Sexy Bitch" deal with the protagonist's infatuation with a woman


- The video was filmed in Ibiza, Barcelona, Spain, and Swindon, England around July 27, 2009


- The music video for "Sexy Bitch" features Guetta and Akon at a house party and performing in a concert


- In 2010, Buddhist groups in Sri Lanka demanded a cancellation of a planned concert by Akon, claiming that the reason was the official music video insulted Buddhism because the Buddha statue is found in several shots in the background throughout.