Aircraft & Airports Videos

1.   Fergie   feat.   Ludacris   -   Glamorous: 


-“Glamorous” is Fergie's third single from her debut studio album - “The Dutchess” (2006)


- The video premiered on February 7th, 2007 at MTV's TRL, containing scenes shot in a luxurious Bombardier Global Express business jet


- Directed by Dave Meyers, the video presents Fergie's life before and after becoming famous, all shot in an anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio


- In a “Bonnie & Clyde” style scene, rapper Ludacris appears alongside Fergie; Ludacris also participated in the writing process, with Will.I.Am, Fergie, Elvis Williams and Polow da Don


- “Glamorous” ranked #1 in Billboard Hot 100, becoming Fergie's second solo single to peak the first position. 


2.   U2   -   Beautiful   Day:  


- “Beautiful Day” is the 41st single released by the Irish band U2


- The video was shot in Paris' Charles de Gaulle International Airport, with scenes of the band playing on a runway interspersed with large jets taking off and landing overhead


- Another two versions of the video were released by the band: the first one, shot in Eze, France and featured on "U2 Exclusive CD!" and "U218 Videos" DVD; the second one is a live version of the song filmed in Dublin on the rooftop of The Clarence Hotel


- Lead vocalist Bono explained that the upbeat track is about losing everything but still finding joy in what one has


- “Beautiful Day” is one U2's most renowned and performed song, awarded with three Grammys in 2001 for “Song of the Year”, “Record of The Year” and “Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal”. 


3.  Sean   Paul   –   She   Doesn't   Mind: 


- “She Doesn't Mind” is the second single promoted from Sean Paul's 5th studio album - “Tomahawk Technique”


- The video was directed by Evan Winter, produced by Nestor N. Rodriguez and released on November 25th, 2011


- It was shot in Long Island's MacArthur Airport, New York


- The TSA officer is played by special guest Lisa Jackson, from cycle 9 of America's Next Top Model 


- “She Doesn't Mind” had its premiere in Europe, with four months prior to the official one from the USA.   


4.  Britney   Spears   –   Toxic:


-  The 21st single from Britney Spears' career is "Toxic", included on her forth studio album – "In The Zone" (2003)


- Britney chose Joseph Kahn as the video director, having already worked with him for "Stronger" (2000), too


-  It was filmed over three days in December 2003, on a sound-stage in Los Angeles, California


- Britney playes different characters in this video from stewardess to murderer, but the most memorable scene that with her wearing nothing, but a transparent diamond costume.


- "Toxic" is Britney's most expensive video, with a budget of over $1 million. 


5. Wyclef   Jean   –   Gone   Till   November: 


- "Gone Till November" is Wyclef Jean's third single from his debut album – "The Carnival"


- The video was shot at Los Angeles International Airport, on November 20th, 1997


- It features a cameo appearance from Bob Dylan when Wyclef sings: "I'm knockin' on Heaven's door like I'm Bob Dylan.".


- The orchestral accompaniment, which was arranged and conducted by Sonny Kompanek, was performed by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra


- "Gone Till November" enjoyed a great success not only in UK, but in USA, too, reaching #7 in Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Aircraft & Airports Videos