The artists

They are the wonderful voices and the creative force behind Famous Production – a collective of highly talented people: Randi, UDDI, Jo, Nadir, Morandi, Mike Angello, ANDREAS, Planeta Loco and Shaka Muv. 




Our artists are innovative, original and dedicated; their powerful and energetic sounds are just a preview of what is yet to come. We are preparing great new projects that will make a difference and deliver music at its best. 




Stay  tuned…and  play  our  music  loud  in  your  speakers! 





Morandi feat. INNA - Summer in December
Mike Angello
Logo Andreas



Nadir este un artist nou pe piata muzicala romaneasca, care a reusit sa se faca cunoscut rapid datorita participarii la X Factor precum si a colaborarilor fructuoase din ultimul an: “Prietena ta”, Randi feat Uddi & Nadir, “Culoarea ta” (feat CRBL) sau Havana – “Vanessa”.
Nadir s-a nascut in Libia (Orasul Tripoli) si a mostenit vocea de la tatal sau, descoperindu-si talentul in timp ce incerca sa ii imite stilul de a canta.
A urmat cateva lectii de canto clasic si pian de mic copil, cizelandu-si apoi vocea prin cursurile de canto si teorie muzicala ale Crinei Mardare.

In 2012 participa la X Factor, unde a impresionat juriul si publicul, fiind semnat ulteriror de catre Cat Music Romania.
Vocea sa calda, pasiunea pentru muzica si felul in care reuseste sa transmita publicului emotia cu care canta fac din Nadir unul dintre cei mai promitatori tineri artisti.
Acum, Nadir este prezent pe toate radiourile si posturile de TV din Romania cu piesa “Prietena ta” si pregateste o noua piesa pentru inceputul anului 2015.  









As the true passions glimpse from the beginnings, since he was little Randi knew that music is his true passion. He began to study music since middle school. From the moment one knows, understands his passion and realizes he actually lives through it, there lies only a one-way road ahead. So Randi continued to study music and also to discover himself as an artist.


In 2004, Randi’s career exploded, as the project Morandi was released. Together with Marius Moga, he has created hits that brought them fame both in Romania and in Europe. The project had an immediate success:
- 8 number 1 singles (local and/or international airplay charts)
- "Reverse", their debut album, was sold in over 2 million copies
- 2 nominations at the MTV Europe Music Awards for best debut (in 2005 and 2006)
- "Angels" is the most downloaded digital product of all times in Russia and Ukraine (more than 2 million downloads).


Morandi was among the first Romanian projects that have been successful abroad, so that the work of the two members was highly appreciated. The music of Morandi was listened in over 20 countries, they have performed in most of Eastern Europe and received numerous awards:
- Best Song @ MTV Romania Music Awards 2006;
- Best Video @ Mtv Romania Music Awards 2006;
- Best Romanian Act @ MTV Europe Music Awards 2008;
- Best International Act @ Eska Music Awards 2008;
- Best International Hit Polonia @ Eska Music Awards 2009;
- Best Internatinal Song @ Musiq1 Music Awards 2009;

- Best Romanian International Artist @ Romanian Top Hits 2013;
- Triple Platinum Disc in Russia for the "N3xt" album.


After conquering glory, Randi’s passion for music led him to new ways. Since the end of 2011, Randi has begun his work as a producer, at his music production company, Famous Production. Although he remained a member of Morandi group, Randi has dedicated his energy to his young and talented artists: UDDI, Jo, Nadir, Mike Angello, Planeta Loco, ANDREAS and Shaka Muv.


Randi is a versatile producer, able to approach different styles, from Deep House and Electro to Pop-Dance. He believes that music is an everlasting well of positivity and it can save our souls, since music and love go hand in hand until they merge.


Until now, Randi produced successful singles such as "Ipotecat" (Delia Matache feat. UDDI), writing songs for well-known artists from the Romanian music industry. 


Recently, Randi released his first single in Romanian: "Prietena ta" featuring UDDI & Nadir.  





























With her contagious energy and easy going charm, Jo is a like a breath of fresh air on the Romanian Music Scene.

Driven to succeed, Jo started working towards making a name for herself in the music industryat the early age of 13, taking singing and piano lessons with Crina Mardare.

Until the age of 18, Jo, by her real name Ioana Anuta, took part to numerous prestigious singing competitions, receiving awards, such as: 1st Place at Cerbul de Aur Jr, 2nd place at Mamaia Copiilor and in 2009 represented Romania at the international competition Eurovision Junior with the song Ai puterea in mana ta.

2012 brings big changes in her life: being a finalist in one of Romania’s biggest talent competition, X Factor, changed her life. After X Factor, Ioana Anuta becomes Jo and competes alongside many Romanian celebrities, in the well-known TV show Te cunosc de undeva, facing spectacular transformation, both on looks and singing.

The efervescent Jo also worked in TV: in the summer of 2013 she is assigned the TV presenter role at a  TVR show, Vara pe val.

The X Factor finale brought her to the attention of the Romanian Music industry, Jo being signed by Cat Music Romania, and since then she had two succesfull collaborations: Lasa-ma pe mine (Uddi feat. Jo), Minciuna (Bibanu MixXL feat. JO) and a recently released single, Dragoste nebuna, featuring Dorian.


And this is just the beggining for the beautiful and talented Jo!


























Logo Andreas


“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”  ― Maya Angelou


ANDREAS, the first DJ produced by Famous Production hit the music market with an explosive single, "Shades of Grey". "Killing Bach" and "Mantra" were released, then, as his official singles. ANDREAS has also remixed Morandi's - "Everytime We Touch", Shaka Muv's - "Crazy" si Chemical Brothers' - "Hey Boy Hey Girl". 


Characterized by an ample and powerful sound, ANDREAS is a Dj and music producer with Progressive - Electro influences. His growth and development as a composer mirrors important trends of our time. Having a vast musical culture and education, the musician is inspired by artists like Daft Punk, Avicii, Deadmau5, Fat Boy Slim, Justice or Soul Wax.


The artist chose not to reveal his identity, focusing solely on his vibrant music.

Morandi feat. INNA - Summer in December




"Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets."  — Oscar Wilde


Morandi was born ten years ago, with the release of “Love Me”, their first single and a smashing hit for the band.


The first album, “Reverse”, has been sold in over 2 million copies and the band was nominated in their debut year for MTV Europe Music Awards.


“Mind Fields” (2006) and “N3XT” (2007) are the other two albums released by the band. Several singles from this album reached #1 in many national & international charts. Meanwhile, the“N3XT” album received a Triple Platinum Disc in Russia and “Angels” became the most downloaded digital product of all times in Russia and Ukraine (more than 2 million downloads).


Morandi has won numerous other awards, such as:


- Best Song and Best Video
@ MTV Romanian Music Awards 2006,


- Best Romanian Act
@ MTV Europe Music Awards 2008,


- Best International Act and Best International Hit Polonia
@ Eska Music Awards 2008,


- Best International Song
@ Musiq1 Music Awards 2009 


- Best Romanian International Artist

@ Romanian Top Hits 2013























Shaka Muv

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”  ― Aldous Huxley


Shaka Muv is a project aimed to explore sensuality, fantasy, color and passion. Shaka Muv sings about love and emotions and aims at free, uninhibited people who love beauty in all its forms.


The project started off in 2011, when Randi produced the first single, “Save Save”, the exotic fairy tale of an Amazonian queen. The sizzling brunette instantly became a dance sensation. An impressive performer, with no less than 22 awards at national and international contests, Shaka injects passion and energy into Randi’s composition.


The second single, “Illegal”, followed swiftly in February 2012, with an explosive mix of Rap, R&B and Electro, produced by Randi together with the famous Russian DJ M.E.G.


Shaka Muv's latest single, "Crazy", hit the Russian charts right after its release. With this new single, the artist explores a powerful and feminine interpretation, bringing great mood and a thirst for life and good vibes to her listeners.



























Mike Angello


Mike Angello


"Music gets the best of me!" - Sophie Ellis-Bextor


Mike discovered his passion for music when he was twelve years old and begun the study of guitar and piano. Since June 2012, Mike Angello is part of Famous Production team with Randi being his musical producer.


With four successful singles ("Belong To You", "Doar o fata" / "Supernatural Woman", "Anii ce vin", "Ma bate inima"), Mike has managed to conquer the music charts, as well as the hearts of music fans from across Europe. 


His cool vibe and passionate attitude towards music are the assets that lead him on the road to success.


Mike Angello is a project that aims to explore a world full of passion, love and sometimes, melancholy. 






 "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." — Bob Marley


Uddi is a sparky and refreshing Romanian artist that in less than a year since the release of its first single managed to climb the music tops with songs like ''Ipotecat'' (Delia Matache featuring Uddi), ''Scumpa domnisoara'' (featuring What’s Up) and more recently ''Lasa-ma pe mine'' featuring Jo & ''Seara de seara'' (DJ Rynno feat Sylvia & Uddi). 


Born and raised in Iasi, UDDI always felt that music is an important part of his life.


His first musical experience was X Factor, which represented a challenge and an important step in his musical career. There he took his first singing lessons, there he learned from the business professionals and made new friends.


UDDI's participation at X Factor, his exuberant energy and the original way in which he marks every performance, brought him to Randi's attention and this is how Dragos started his collaboration with Famous Production. 


His reggae influenced music reflects its smart, fun & fresh personality, he being the type of artist with powerful interpretation skills, that knows how to show to his public the passion and intensity of his music. 




















Planeta    Loco

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” — George Carlin


Planeta Loco is a music project that tells the story of a fantastic place, a world of music and fabulous life, a land of eternal love and freedom. It is something we all have inside ourselves, so let’s play the music and tell together the story of Planeta Loco.


Imagine fireworks, imagine colors and passion! A land of blissful feelings, a world of light, where nights become days and days become nights, where worries are forgotten and people live in love. That is Planeta Loco!


Believe in us… just imagine! A world of entertainment, white beaches... clear waters... and amusement everywhere! It is a world of music, dance and fantasy, with rhythms that blow your mind, animated at night by crazy clowns and magicians, by mimes and flying hats!


Let yourself bewitched by Planeta Loco, join us in this magic world and let the music play!




















We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” — Arthur O’Shaughnessy 


Famous Production, powered by Randi, is one of the most successful music production companies in Romania, collaborating with artists like INNA, Morandi, Delia, Andreea Banica, What’s Up, C.R.B.L. 


We are a new creative and ambitious team, willing to make a difference by our music and we present you high-toned projects. We believe that sky’s the limit and we want to create echoes in the music industry. We’ll bring you the latest version of the oldest tricks in the books of fame: absolute entertainment and high quality music.



We are already sending and receiving good vibes through our artists: Randi, UDDI, Jo, Nadir, Morandi, Mike Angello, ANDREAS, Planeta Loco and Shaka Muv. Their powerful and energetic sounds are just a preview of what is yet to come.

Stay tuned…and play our music loud in your speakers!



Meet the team


Composer & Producer

Alexandru   Ropcea


Luisa Ene

PR& Online-Manager


"I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me - like food or water." - Ray Charles


Randi always knew that music is his life and began studying it since middle school. He went on pursuing his passion and glory followed, as lead singer and composer of Morandi project.


Randi is a versatile producer, able to approach different styles, from Deep House and Electro to Pop-Dance. His unique style, powerful and ample, is able to create echoes in the music industry and win international recognition.











Alexandru    Ropcea

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music." — Ronald Reagan


I believe in love, in beauty, in kindness and compassion and I believe in the power of music to change people and life itself.


It is said that music enables us to find and lose ourselves at the same time. After many years of work in corporate banking, I truly found myself in the music business and I do it passionately and with unbeatable motivation. I lead a team of young people, driven by ideals and goals, by talent and success. We are alive and kicking, committed to produce only high quality music and talented artists.


In the beginning, it was only an idea, but it turned into an ideal and now I am proud to be part of this endeavour and be among the ones who create the Famous Production spirit, the music and the brand.


 Luisa Ene

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." — George Bernard Shaw


You are what you do. If you do boring, stupid, monotonous work, chances are you’ll end up boring, stupid and monotonous. My belief is that if you do your work with passion and dedication, and you pour your soul into it, you’ll lead a fulfilling life.


And this job sums up pretty much everything that I love: when it comes to photo and video shootings, online, events and styling, I’m the one in charge. And I do it with passion and dedication.


I have a background in advertising and marketing online and among my hobbies are reading, writing and fashion. In my spare time, I write fashion editorials for one of the most important online fashion magazines, as well as literary reviews.


I always like to aim high and failure is not an option for me.




Claudia – Cuvinte potrivite

Claudia - Cuvinte potrivite
October 16th, 2017

Claudia   stie   care   sunt   cuvintele   potrivite   Claudia este o artista Famous Production, care s-a lansat anul acesta cu piesa "Jos, jos". Recent a realizat si un mash-up din refrene romanesti, Shape Of You vs. Hituri romanesti, alaturi de Edward Sanda, video care a adunat o multime de comentarii si reactii pozitive.   Cuvinte potrivite este cel de-al doilea single al Claudiei, despre care artista spune ca este ...

Rina feat. Matteo – Noptile

Artwork_RINA feat. Matteo_Noptile
October 9th, 2017

Rina   si   Matteo   lanseaza   single-ul   si   videoclipul   “Noptile”   RINA, o noua artista din echipa Famous Production, se lanseaza cu piesa ‘Noptile’, feat. Matteo. Timbrul cald al Rinei da culoare piesei si ne aduce noptile de vara inapoi.     Alexandrina, pe numele sau real, a avut muzica in sange dintotdeauna si pasiunea sa a dus-o in urma cu patru ani catre primii pasi in cariera muzicala ...

Randi feat. Mario Morreti – Daca pun mana pe tine

randi artwork itunes
October 3rd, 2017

Randi   vine   cu   o   piesa   diferita   fata   de   cele   cu   care   si-a   obisnuit   publicul   pana   acum:   Daca   pun   mana   pe   tine,   feat.   Mario   Morreti.   Dupa cum spune chiar el, este prima piesa compusa de artist care te face sa vrei sa iesi din casa si sa te plimbi prin oras la volanul masinii sau sa hoinaresti pe strazi cu prietenii. Subiectul piesei este simplu: fa ...

Jo – Stinge-mi luna

September 8th, 2017

Jo   lanseaza   piesa   “Stinge-mi   luna”   Toamna a venit cu o noua surpriza din partea lui Jo. Dupa ce a sarbatorit alaturi de prieteni, vedete si oameni din media, carora le-a cantat in premiera cel mai nou single, Jo lanseaza oficial “Stinge-mi luna”.     “«Stinge-mi luna» este o piesa in care imi cant sufletul si sper ca noul single sa se bucure de succes! Multumesc tuturor pentru sustinere! Va ...

Mario Morreti feat. Nadir – Carnaval de Rio

Artwork Mario Morreti feat. Nadir - Carnaval de Rio
July 18th, 2017

Mario   Morreti   &   Nadir   transforma   vara   intr-o   petrecere   pe   cinste:   'Carnaval   de   Rio'   Mario Morreti si Nadir lanseaza single-ul si videoclipul “Carnaval de Rio”, povestea unei veri senzationale, pe care ar trebui sa o avem tot anul. Mario Morreti este un artist si producator muzical care s-a alaturat echipei Famous Production, iar acum isi lanseaza cel de-al doilea single, in colaborare cu Nadir ...

Claudia – Jos jos

June 22nd, 2017

Dupa   Jo,   Uddi   &   Nadir,   Randi   a   mai   descoperit   un   artist   de   exceptie:   Claudia     Dupa ce a adus in atentia publicului si in topurile de radio artisti precum Jo, Nadir sau Uddi, Famous Production lanseaza o alta artista care promite: Claudia. Piesa de debut, 'Jos jos', este compusa chiar de catre artista, care pe langa frumusetea vocala, are si vocatie de compozitor. Daca intr-o zi pasiu ...

Jo feat. Randi – Ma intreaba inima

June 16th, 2017

Jo   si   Randi   continua   povestea   din   ‘Pana vara viitoare’   cu   ‘Ma   intreaba   inima’     Vechea zicala 'primesti ceea ce oferi' se adevereste in cazul lui Jo, care transmite energie pozitiva si bucurie prin toti porii, primind inapoi, de la public, reactii pozitive fata de muzica sa. <<Piesa "Ma intreaba inima" inseamna pentru mine continuarea unei povesti minunate si a unei colaborari de ...

Edward Sanda feat. Ioana Ignat – Doar pe a ta

Artwork Edward Sanda feat. Ioana Ignat - Doar pe a ta
May 25th, 2017

Edward   Sanda   si   Ioana   Ignat   lanseaza   single-ul   "Doar   pe   a   ta"     “Doar pe a ta” este titlul celei mai recente colaborari din muzica romaneasca. Cei doi tineri talentati vinovati de piesa sunt Edward Sanda si Ioana Ignat. Edward Sanda este un tanar artist, talentat si energic, care in 2016 a inceput colaborarea cu Famous Production. Pasiunea lui Edward pentru muzica a aparut inca din copilari ...

Randi – De ce dansezi asa

Randi Itunes Cover
May 11th, 2017

Randi   lanseaza   o   noua   piesa:   ‘De   ce   dansezi   asa’     Piesa "De ce dansezi asa" vorbeste despre un flirt si un triunghi al dragostei neimplinite si ne infatiseaza momentul in care el o observa pe ea, o vede prin multime, insa fata nu e singura. Cu toate acestea, ea flirteaza si se joaca cu inima si mintea lui. Poate ca pentru ea este doar o joaca, sau poate o dorinta careia nu-i poate da curs si tot ceea ...

Randi – Puteri asupra mea

March 16th, 2017

Randi   lanseaza   o   noua   piesa:   ‘Puteri   asupra   mea’     Piesele lui Randi spun o poveste, iar noua sa piesa, Puteri asupra mea, nu face exceptie de la regula. Noul sau single poate fi privit ca o declaratie de dragoste a unui barbat ce ii recunoaste iubitei influenta pe care o are asupra lui, astfel incat el se pierde in ‘nebunia ei’. Vorbeste despre doi oameni ce se lasa cuprinsi de vartejul  iubirii i ...

Jo – Que Sera, Sera

March 15th, 2017

Jo   ne   indeamna   sa   traim   clipa   prin   noul   single,   “Que   Sera,   Sera”   "Que Sera, Sera", noul single al artistei este in ton cu firea sa efervescenta. Prin optimismul si energia contagioase, piesa ne indeamna sa traim ca si cum clipa de fata este cea mai importanta, sa ne bucuram la maximum de ea si de viata noastra aici, acum. "Lansez noul meu single, #QueSeraSera, primavara, cand nu doar natura se trez ...

Nadir – Te strig

Artwork Nadir - Te strig
January 18th, 2017

Nadir   “te   striga”   Vocea calda a lui Nadir reuseste sa ne emotioneze din nou. “Te strig”, noul sau single, este o piesa care vorbeste despre iubirea pierduta, regretele si framantarile prin care trecem atunci cand se incheie o relatie.     Nostalgia iubirii pierdute este un sentiment care ne incearca adeseori, atunci cand ne despartim de persoana iubita. Se spune ca atunci cand citim ne amintim ca nu sun ...

JO, Edward Sanda & Nadir – Mai buni (nu doar de Craciun)

Jo, Edward Sanda & Nadir - Mai buni (nu doar de Craciun)
December 12th, 2016

Jo,   Edward   Sanda   si   Nadir   ne   transmit   sa   fim   "Mai   buni   (nu   doar   de   Craciun)"   Jo, Edward Sanda si Nadir si-au unit fortele in ultima luna din an si lanseaza piesa "Mai buni (nu doar de Craciun)".   "Asteptam Craciunul cu nerabdare pentru ca aceasta sarbatoare ne gaseste alaturi de familie, inconjurati de multa dragoste si pace. Dar de ce sa se intample asta doar de Craciun, cand putem f ...

Morandi – Keep You Safe

November 15th, 2016

Morandi   revine   cu   un   nou   single   -   “Keep   You   Safe”   Creativi, originali si fresh, Marius Moga & Andrei Ropcea si-au urmarit visul si au reusit sa se mentina pe piata muzicala pret de un deceniu, timp in care muzica lor a ajuns la milioane de ascultatori.   Morandi revine acum cu forte proaspete si un nou single: "Keep You Safe." Piesa face parte din viitorul album al trupei, ce urmeaza ...


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frosty air videos
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Fall Music Videos
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collage dance
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collage action
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Black & White POP

March 28th, 2014

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Special Effects Top
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Girl Power Playlist

March 7th, 2014

1.   Seal   -   It's   a   man's   man's   man's   world   -   Seal:   - released in 1966, the song has been composed and initially performed by James Brown and Betty Jean Newsome   - the song's title is a pun on 1963 comedy film - “It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”   - Seal recorded this song for his album - “Soul”, released in 2008   - it represeants Seal's second single from this album   - its video reveals ...


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